Turning an apartment into a home is not an easy task, however, the Cylothome team offers professional solutions at any point of the home.

During a renovation there are many tasks that you should synchronize. You don't have to find specialists, estimate the costs and coordinate the various processes because our team can do a full-scale home improvement for you.

For a start, together with our client, we are preparing plans for the transformation, assisting them with professional insights to make the best out of our clients’ ideas.

The renovation project starts with the demolition: taking off covers and splitting the walls, etc. The next phase is the construction work: building new dividing walls, installing suspended ceilings, the new water and heating system, and constructing of the electrical network.

Renovation will continue with the complete replacement of the kitchen and bathroom and the laying of cold or warm coverings.

To create a modern and energy efficient home, it is worth to replace the doors and windows of the apartment. Finally, our professional interior designers will help you to design and create a spectacular living and working space.


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Our company has been dealing with property sales and development in Budapest for more than 10 years.

The strength of our company is that it can provide professional help to its customers from property sales to renovations, lettings and property management.


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