Bakáts street - 184 m2
Renovations Bakáts street - 184 m2

The apartment is located in the neighbourhood of the Saint Francis of Assisi church in Bakáts...

Felsőerdősor street - 46 m2
Renovations Felsőerdősor street - 46 m2

This studio apartment near Kodály Körönd was one of our first projects. We were entrusted by a...

Honvéd street -122 m2
Renovations Honvéd street -122 m2

Our project on Honvéd Street was very similar to our other project on Nádor Street. We also...

Kodály Körönd - 115 m2
Renovations Kodály Körönd - 115 m2

We had an another project at Kodály Körönd in one of the fabulous buildings of Andrássy Avenue....

Krúdy Gyula street - 138 m2
Renovations Krúdy Gyula street - 138 m2

The client wanted this apartment to be refurbished for his children, so we tried to make them a...

Nádor street - 124 m2
Renovations Nádor street - 124 m2

We implemented this project between September and December 2016 in the heart of the city. The...

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