We had an another project at Kodály Körönd in one of the fabulous buildings of Andrássy Avenue. The Tuscan style palace was built in 1884 by the famous József Kauser who was also involved in the construction of the Szent István Basilica and the Opera house.

The building is part of the World Heritage Site. The owner of the property entrusted our company with the complete renovation of at that time completely ran-downapartment. We built two huge rooms and a bathroom for our customer.

According to the customer's request we placed a bathtub in the bedroom, just right in front of the window from where there is a spectacular view to Korály Körönd and Andrássy Avenue.

Renovated flats in
2308 m2

Turning an apartment into a home is not an easy task, however, the Cylothome team offers professional solutions at any point of the home.


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